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The Case Study at a Glance

How do you communicate with your employees?  Let’s face it – employee communications can be boring. HR memos, product info emails, lists of upcoming promotions – how do you make sure your field team is engaged?

C-store chain Sheetz relies on their 17,000 employees to deliver their Brand promise to customers 24/7/365. Effective internal communication is critical. This case study takes a look at how Sheetz  bridged the communication gap by implementing technology in the workplace.

What did Sheetz have to say?

 “The project was a lot of fun, and we’ve found a new way to communicate with our employees,"

“Our stores look better – no more handwritten notes! The messaging is very timely and engaging,”

“We know they are looking at the kiosks because they are asking for more. It makes us feel good that we did this project.”

“We wanted to have an engaging way to share information and deliver branded content with our employees at the store that fit with their busy work day.”

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