Digital Signage Outlook 2017 - What's in store?

Digital signage has come a long way since the beginning of this decade. To think that HD screens are becoming obsolete as time passes is almost hard to fathom. Luckily, there is much to look forward to in the future with digital signage, such as 4K screens. With the upcoming hardware improvements, possibilities with touch technology, and the increasing demand for quality content, digital signage is reaching another era in technological mediums.
4K Becoming the New HD
4K screens boast a higher resolution and potential for higher quality retail advertising . Not to be confused with UHD, 4K is designed for larger businesses and professional displays. The cinematic quality is superior to the broadcast standard of UHD, but that doesn't mean that UHD is nothing to sneeze at. UHD is more for consumer use. It is still top-notch quality.

LG-4K-OLED-DISPLAY rev 1.png

4K-quality screens may not be widespread until 2018 and 2019. As for this year, however, one particular type of screen will be the innovation of in store signage thus far: the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays. These displays are incredibly thin and flexible. LG Electronics was even able to create a double-sided OLED display. The development of this apparatus has forwarded the overall headway of digital advertising and presentation.

Touch Screens Boom
Touch screens have become thoroughly integrated into today's society. Touch-screen technology is used on smartphones and tablets for all sorts of activities. Touch tech has also become an excellent tool for digital signage. The reason being is that this type of tech encourages interaction. Certain museums no longer have static posters in front of their exhibits. Now, they have touch technology to encourage interaction. This extra element further increases the chances of interest. People already use touch screens to play games and obtain big data analytics, so there may even be possibilities for digital advertising.

Touch screen encourages production and efficiency. Technology companies are recognizing this. To match with consumer demand, there has been more digital content that further enhances the possibilities of what this technology can do.

Consumer Demand for Quality Content
The reason that 4K is predicted to become popular in 2018 or 2019 is because of the rise of consumer demand for quality digital content. Some may say that 4K isn't as highly desired as HD was in the beginning, as the difference between the two may be difficult to spot from a distance. Regardless, 4K is gradually growing in popularity.
The future of digital signage is bright. 4K OLED displays are shaping up to be better tools for professional use. Touch screens are the future, and the opportunities for its use just keep on growing.