Combining Games and Interactive Kiosks to engage employees

Are you having trouble motivating your employees? Disengagement, retention, and lack of productivity are common problems in the workplace. An innovation to increase morale and improve productivity is through interactive games.

Our modern culture is based on interaction -- people love to track points, earn rewards, win a competition, and receive recognition. There are many ways you can integrate gamification into your strategy for improving employee engagement.

Digital Signage

Using digital signs is a great way to increase visibility and attract the attention of your employees. If you are using a point system, you can keep a running total for everyone to see. This keeps your employees motivated to try harder and impress others. Employees who are falling behind will feel pressure to improve so that they are not seen as the weakest performers.

Some businesses employ a reward system, offering bonuses, prizes, and incentives for better performance and effort. If you decide to use rewards, you need to figure out what your employees actually want. A gift card towards a local coffee shop, a donation towards a charity, or a special parking spot could motivate them to work harder.

Use digital signs to display progress charts, graphs, and countdowns to create some excitement amongst your team. If you are reaching for a specific sales goal, keep a tally on the board to increase excitement as the team gets closer to the goal.

Interactive Kiosks

A kiosk can be used to track an employee’s progress for different types of games. A small footprint kiosk is useful for placement on the job site, in the store, or in the office for easy access.

This technology can be used to gather information, and the digital signage can be used to display the progress and final results. Some businesses are creating games that are also used to educate their employees. Instead of a boring, educational video about job expectations you could have them learn by participating in an interactive game designed to mimic the job.

Kiosks are also used to spread information among the company, sharing recent news, upcoming events, and special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. When employees feel like they are included, they will tend to take more pride in their work and apply themselves for the greater good of the company.

More Benefits

In addition to increased work motivation and performance, you will also notice improved morale and employee retention. When an employee is first hired everything is exciting and new. After a few months, or a few years, employees can grow tired of the workplace and lose interest. Incorporating games will help re-invigorate your employees, new and old.

Using games will help managers stay better informed to areas of improvement. It will be easier to notice weaknesses before they become bigger problems. If employees are not applying themselves, it can help management address the issues and offer insights.

Gamification, digital signage, and interactive kiosks can work well together to help achieve your business goals. Contact us if you would like to learn more about digital signage and interactive kiosks.

To read more about employee engagement, download the impact of employee engagement infographic below.

impact of employee engagment